Business can come a little bit easier for you this year! 

We deliver SPECIAL LOCAL OFFERS to over 24,000 local homeowners for only $40.00 / month (this is only 2 cents per delivery!)  

Who gets these offers?

The Service Guide expects to process over 24,000 Customer Reviews this year for our clients. Every time we receive a new Review, the Reviewer automatically receives a collection of local special offers as a way to say "thank you!"  

You can get your company's offer in front of these local homeowners as an easy way to generate extra new business this year!

Scroll down to learn more about who the homeowners are and where they live.

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When customers process Reviews with us, we make it an all around positive experience for them!

The Service Guide processes Customer Reviews from customers of home service providers, realtors, auto services, chiropractors and dentists. So many are excited to receive our special offers. Most aren't expecting them, which boosts their value even more!

This could be a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for YOU to easily present your services to an active and engaging audience of local homeowners who live in and around the 10-county Twin Cities metro! 

All of our Reviewers are also "do-ers," meaning they are getting things done around their homes, taking care of their vehicles, bodies, and teeth. Many are recent home buyers who have just purchased a new home. 

These special offers are a way to create, yet another win-win for both the consumers and service professionals we have been connecting to each other since 2004.

If you have an offer you would like to provide to 24,000 potential customers, we can have them automatically delivered to them for you!

Here's how easy it is:

  • Let us know what offer you want to provide
  • We will create your coupon and add it to a page of local special offers
  • Every time a new Review is sent to us, your offer will automatically be delivered to our Reviewers

Want business to come a little bit easier this year?

You just tell us what offer you would like to provide and we will create your coupon, similar to the one you see above.

Diana Herzan, President

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Diana Herzan