Are efforts and investments you are making getting you where you want to be?

If not, you may just need a slight jolt and a new focus that will get you to the top faster than you think! 

For the past 14 years, our team has worked with slightly over 3500 businesses, many of which are probably a lot like yours. Very few of them realized the depths of Consumer Trust and the many ways it actually impacted their businesses... that is until they talked with us.

The same good news that applied to them, also applies to you! Many have reached their summits, and others are getting close. You can too, as long as you have the ability to view things through a "trust-focused" set of lenses, like they do! 

We begin all of our new business relationships by providing an education first! As we have done for many, we can do for you, as well! Schedule a one-hour Sponge Session with us and soak up valuable infomation you will not find in very many other places! We guarantee you will discover exactly what you need to do to get to your summit, and that they are simpler than you likely realize, and very much in your reach!

Here is what you can expect: You will get a full hour of dedicated time that includes plenty of time for Q's and A's! The specialist that contacts you will have taken time prior to your "sponge session," to research and prepare information that applies specifically to your company and to your industry. Every "sponge session" is different, as not all businesses are the same.

The first thing your "Sponge Session" will reveal is your company's current Trust Factor IQ. We bet you didn't realize your business even had a Trust Factor IQ! This discovery will more than likely begin your enlightening experience.  

Next, expect to Soak Up invaluable information that has the potential to make the strongest differences to your business in the simplest and most practical ways. 

  • Many ways your business can be earning Trust (there are more ways than you likely realize!)
  • How to nurture, reinforce and promote Trust
  • How and where to see the impacts Trust has on your business
  • How to measure real results, including revenues, customers, interactions, and company value
  • How you can turn Trust into both a Profit and a Success Center


Taking your business to greater heights happens when you apply a trust-focus! Discover how simple this is!

Mention Special Code TRUSTPAYS when we contact you and get $60.00 back in Trust Dividends!

(Hint... you'll find out more about Trust Dividends in your Sponge Session!)

Get ready to find out things you can continue doing, and some you can start doing that will begin to improve and strengthen important elements of your business, such as:  

  • Your revenue and profits
  • Your ability to generate higher quality leads easier and more often
  • Converting leads into customers at a faster rate and higher percentage
  • Your team members becoming stronger contributors and achievers

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