Understanding the  multiple layers of detail that go into completing a remodeling project and surrounding ourselves with the most talented craftsmen and designers are only part of what sets Plumbline Builders apart from other remodeling companies in the Twin Cities, MN metro .

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Question: Which one of these remodeling projects will return you the higher return on your investment?


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Answers are according to the 2016 Cost Vs Value report published in the January 2016  issue of Remodeling Magazine

A Kitchen Remodel

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A Bathroom Remodel

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Plumbline Builders is a Minneapolis, MN based Design / Build Remodeling Contractor with a focus on guiding homeowners through remarkable remodeling experiences.

Remodeling projects of any size call for specific expertise in multiple areas.  We believe that from the beginning stages of consideration and research that a homeowner should be able to surround themselves with professionals who understand their visions and their needs, and professionals that address their questions and set reasonable and realistic expectations.  Our whole team at Plumbline Builders looks forward to being a part of any remodeling-related question or remodeling project you may have in your sights today or in the future.

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